Implementing a Flowchart Editor Using jsPlumb – Part 3

Hi all, today in my blog post I am going to continue the session on implementing a flowchart diagram editor using jsPlumb. This is the 3rd and last part of the session. The initial implementation of this editor can be found in my previous two blog posts. They are, Flowchart diagram editor – Part 1 [...]


Implement a Flowchart Editor using jsPlumb – Part 2

Hi all, today in my blog I am going to discuss how to make the elements in the palette draggable and the drawing area droppable so that a user can drage elements from the palette and drop the to the drawing area. I discussed implementing the palette, the drawing area and the basic elements in [...]

Implement a Flowchart Editor using jsPlumb – Part 1

Hi all, today in my blog, I am going to show how a simple flowchart editor can be implemented using jsPlumb.js library and the demo example given here. I implemented a flowchart diagram editor for WSO2 Process-Center (Product-PC) during my internship training period and this tutorial is based on that editor. As the first part, [...]