Our tour to Switzerland and Italy – Part 6

Hello readers! 🙂 Here comes the 6th post in the blog post series I am writing to share my experience in Switzerland and Italy. If you want to read the previous posts, you can find them here. Today I’m gonna write about the main purpose of this tour. That is, presenting our research paper at the International Conference on Computational Science (ICCS) 2017 at ETH Zürich. This happened on the 5th and last day of our stay in Switzerland.

14th of June, 2017…

This was a big day for us. We were going to present our paper at ICCS. We got up early in the morning as we had to present in the morning session. Then went to the University. At the university, there was a welcome reception and we had to register prior to going for the session. Once we got registered, we got a gift pack including a pen drive, a handy bag and the conference book. Once we were cleared at the reception, we went to the conference room where we had to present. Multiple presentations were ongoing in multiple rooms and since we had time, we decided to head to one presentation and get familiar with the process and the surroundings a bit. Each presenter got about 5 minutes to present and another minute for questions. It was so enthusiastic to listen to the research projects conducted by the researchers all around the world. However, we headed to HG 0.1.1, where our presentation would take place, a few minutes ahead.

There were about 20 people in the audience and a researcher was conducting the whole session. Our presentation was at about 11 a.m. We were going through the content again in preparation for the presentation while listening to the interesting facts presented by the others. Once our presentation was announced, Nipuna – our presenter went to the podium and set up the presentation and started presenting. The audience showed positive attention since we were the youngest team in that room let alone in the entire conference. Here I’m attaching a photo I took seconds before starting the presentation.


It went quite well given the fact that it was our very first time in an international conference. A researcher in the audience asked one question during the 1 minute (?) time window for Q & A. If I can remember clearly, there were only about one or two presentations after our one. So we stayed until the end of the session. Lunch was served after our session, so we went to the University cafeteria with the other participants. That was another new experience for us. In the cafeteria, we were mingling with the other students who were not participants of the conference.

There were 8 or more stalls distributing different types of food. Having aversion to meat other than chicken, I was on a mission to find a stall that provided food items with chicken or fish. Unfortunately, there was no such stall and the only option I had was to obtain a meal consisting of vegetables only. The guys went ahead to one stall since they had no problem with meat and I went to the only option I had. I could obtain two rolls with some kind of a salad and an orange juice for my token. Once we had our food (on trays) we hunted for a table to sit. We found one in the middle of the hall and settled to have lunch. To my utter disappointment, I did not enjoy the meal since my taste buds were not familiar with the flavours.

Once we had our lunch, we went to meet the organizers and to thank them for the wonderful experience we had. Maria (the main hostess) and the team were very friendly and talked with us about our tour, paper and studies. We took a photo with two of them. I attached it below 🙂


A few students who were in the reception area talked with us and one even asked about our country. She has already visited Sri Lanka some time back. After bidding farewell for the organizing team, we took off to roam around the city.

It was our last day in Switzerland. We had to do our packing for the departure next day morning. So we did not go far from Zürich and went to do some shopping for our relatives. I bought some clothes for my family members and the boys also bought souvenirs. We bought some food as well and then headed to the apartment in no time.

Once we were back in the apartment, we started packing our things and then cleaning the apartment. The boys decided to cook dinner since it was the last day. I waited patiently sitting at the dinner table until they prepared a delicious meal 😀 Well I was not disappointed (I might not have said this then, but you now know guys 😉 ) and thank you for that simple but wonderful meal.

We had an early train to catch in the following morning and hence we concluded our day early.

Oh and I almost forgot, you can access our full paper here 🙂

That’s it for today. You will meet me in Italy from my next blog post in the series 😉


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