Our tour to Switzerland and Italy – Part 5

Hello readers! I am back with another exciting post about our trip to Switzerland and Italy 🙂 This is the 5th one in this series. If you have missed the first four, don’t worry, you can steal a peek here 🙂

13th of June, 2017…

I woke up to another beautiful morning in Switzerland. It felt like heaven when I peeked through my roof window. It was a sunny morning and one of those days I gladly got off from the bed because I was excited about our plan for the day. It was an adventurous day for us and hence, this post is gonna be exciting. Here is a photo I took on that beautiful morning.


Our plan for 13th June was to experience the cable car travelling, an experience we could probably not have had here in Sri Lanka. We got up and got ready early and boarded the train to go to Mount Pilatus, Lucerne. Once we reached the cable car station, there was a little queue at the ticket counter. When we got our chance to talk to the lady at the counter we got lucky again. Our travel pass allowed us to go on this cable car ride with a little additional cost 🙂 I totally recommend anyone reading this post to buy a travel pass if you are planning to visit Switzerland.

Well, the cable cars looked very small down from the ground and the boys teased me saying only one person is allowed in one cable car and that person has to operate it all by him- /herself. I got afraid once listening to this and understood the boys were pulling me a prank to bully me when I saw the cable car. It could easily accommodate 4 adults. The boys first wanted to go individually in those cars but then reconsidered that because of me. I knew they would never do something like that to me in a million years 😛 So we got into a cable car and began our adventurous journey.

I should say that was one fabulous experience I would never ever forget. Everything was so greeny and we were gradually climbing up. The houses and buildings below started to look smaller and smaller with every meter we went up. I am attaching some of the photos I took while travelling. Please enjoy the view! 🙂


The first trip took about 8 minutes and we had a transit at another station located on the hill. So we climbed into another cable car and went higher the mountain. I am happy I don’t have acrophobia and enjoyed the view at its best. After the second ride, we reached a destination location below the top of the Mount Pilatus. At that place, there was an adventurous camp with various activities going on. There were a lot of people there when we got off from the cable car. There was another huge cable car that could accommodate 50 people at once. This car transported people to the top of the mountain. The following photo was taken at the campsite. You can see the cables running to the top.


Being in an adventurous camp, the boys wanted to participate in at least one adventure whereas I, being socially inept and un-adventurous, wanted to climb into the next cable car and go to the top of the mountain. However, there was this long tunnel-like sliding rail which is ridden using the smallest vehicle I have ever seen. It was not an actual vehicle though. It had a gear stick and a seat and that’s it. The rail went from the top of the mountain to the bottom and then those vehicles were dragged back to the top using cables. I do not have photos to share but this Google image will help you to visualize what I am trying to describe here.

Resource: http://kpboit.kp.gov.pk/page/investment_projects

The ticket was 8 CHF as I remember. I was very afraid of this ride when I saw the sliding path and when I understood the fact that I myself had to control the whole thing :/ I was always a little bit lousy when it came to controlling vehicles and, this was in a foreign country thousand miles away from home and, I had to take the full responsibility for the whole ride. My immediate answer was not to accept this challenge, but then for my utter humiliation, there came about 80 school children under age 15 or so to ride it! Hence, I made up my mind to do this since this could be the first and last chance I might get.

So, I rode it! Well, it was not that much easy to handle it (for me of course). I had to use my maximum effort and at one point I got stuck. However, I finished the journey and enjoyed the view from the top to bottom of the Mount Pilatus. If you happen to go to Mount Pilatus, make sure you get this experience.

After this little adventure, we decided to take the cable car again to reach the mountaintop. Here is a photo I took while riding the cable car.


Aaaaaaaaaaaand here is a photo I took from the top of the mountain after getting off from the cable car.


It’s up to you to compare the first photo I took at the beginning of the ride and this one to imagine how much high we were above the ground. From where we got off from the cable car, we had to climb for about 20 minutes to reach the highest place of the mountain. The above photo was taken from that place. On the top, there was nothing special, only the fantastic view around. We were enjoying the view around the top of the Pilatus and there were many people visiting. Then, one of the boys spotted snow! In the middle of the summer in Switzerland. Seeing and feeling snow was one of my dreams from my early childhood. I was able to make that dream come true here on Mount Pilatus.


We somehow went to this location and had the experience of seeing and touching the snow 🙂

There was a small shopping mall as well (for the tourists). Once we enjoyed the view and took photos we paid a visit to this shopping mall to buy souvenirs. There I bought a Swiss pocketknife for my father and a pair of small shoes for my little niece. Then we ate some hotdogs and roam here and there for a bit.

The journey up the mountain was by the cable car, but the journey down the mountain was by rail. The rail along the Mount Pilatus is the steepest railway track in the world.


It took about an hour (if I can remember correctly) to come to the base of the Mount Pilatus by this train. We enjoyed that journey as well. Once we finished that journey, we were exhausted and hence decided to go to the apartment without roaming more. Another reason for us to call it a day so early was, we had our presentation the next day and the presenter had to practice it a bit more. So we boarded the train and headed back to the apartment. During the return journey, we bought some food and beverages for the dinner. For economic tourists, I recommend COOP to buy food items and beverages.

That was how we spent the 4th day in this beautiful country. This day brought us a lot of new experience and memories. The following day was going to be another milestone in our lives since we were presenting and publishing our first ever research paper in an international conference. Stay tuned for the 6th post of this series in which I am gonna write how we spent the 5th and the last day in Switzerland 🙂


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