Our tour to Switzerland and Italy – Part 4

Hello readers! I’m about to post the fourth blog post in this series which is about our trip to Switzerland and Italy back in June 2017. I shared my experience there on the first three days in my previous blog posts. You can read them here! 😀

12th of June, 2017…

It was our 3rd day in this beautiful country. We made plans for 12th on the previous day. According to those plans, we were to travel a lot farther this time than we had for 3 days. So, unlike the boys, I got up at 4’o clock in the morning and got ready early. Then the boys decided that we were not ready for the presentation and that we should practice a bit more. So we cancelled all the plans and started fine tuning the presentation and practising it. It took more time than we anticipated and there were not many things to do for the rest of the day. So we decided to travel a bit far from Zürich this time and boarded the train to go to Lucerne. Actually, Lucerne was approximately 50 km away from Zürich and this was the first time we were travelling that far away from our apartment.

We left the apartment around 12 in the afternoon. Once we reached the city, we came to an agreement to visit the Art Museum that was located near a beautiful lake.  Another reason why we decided to go to the museum was our travelling pass allowed us to visit it for free (if my memory is still fine). However, the lady at the reception told us that museums in Switzerland are closed on Mondays! There, our hopes vanished poof! 😦

We had no idea or any plan on what to do next. There was a tourist information hub near the train station and we went there to learn the nearest places we could visit around the city. The nice lady in it handed us over with a leaflet that consisted information about various places and various boat rides (again), however, it seemed our luck was not striking us on that day like we thought. All those places were either going to be closed soon or we were not going to make it on time. Sooooooooo, we decided it was better to stick around Lucerne since we have already travelled too far away from our apartment.

Then, the boys remembered that we were planning to go to Italy on 15th and that we have not yet finalized the travelling plan. I am very grateful I travelled with them because I had no idea what was there to plan and what was there to be responsible. All 3 of them shouldered the burden and I enjoyed the trip to its maximum. I kind of have selfies I’ve taken where all three of them were planning while I was busy taking those photos! I’m not going to share them here though 😉 Still, thank you, guys! 🙂

Back to the topic, the boys found an SBB office located inside the Lucerne train station and we paid a visit there to finalize our trip to Italy by train. As soon as we entered the office, a very pleasant lady greeted us and generated a ticket for us to wait in the queue. That system was really impressive, I should say 😀

We waited till we got our chance. There was not much of a queue and there were about 10-12 stalls if I remember correctly. Finally, we were directed to another nice lady and we explained our situation and requirements. She suggested we should definitely book the train beforehand to avoid unnecessary problems. Apparently, people do not travel inter-countries without booking a seat for themselves. We were very glad we decided to consult before finalizing our travelling plan. So, we booked 4 seats for ourselves. Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuut, they were not in the same proximity 😦 Anyway, it was the best shot for us so we decided to go with it. Once we sorted out our travel plans and exited the SBB office, we were clueless about where to go next. The station had free wifi, so I decided to take a video call to my family. We talked for about 5-10 minutes and by the time my call ended, the boys have decided to roam around the city since there were not many things to do.

Well well well, this post is gonna be a loooooooooooooooong one and I am really sorry about it! I’m gonna make it up to you by attaching very beautiful photos I took on this day. It seems like there are many things to tell about the one day we didn’t have any plan 😀 We boarded a tram and travelled a short distance to a chocolate factory (One of my dreams was this). Unfortunately, we hit bad luck again 😦 There was not enough time for the tour because it was going to close soon. Again we were plan-less. However, we found a breathtaking lake together with a greenish park in front of us. There is always a silver line in the dark cloud 🙂 Here are some photos. You will definitely agree with me.





There was a boat ride available in this lake as well and our travel pass allowed us to use this ride with an additional cost of just 5 CHF. I am not going to set foot in another boat after this one for a long time 😛 Here is one picture I took while we were on the boat.



After the boat ride, we again headed back to Lucerne and there was this very ancient wooden bridge with flowers all along. I can say for sure that, that was the nicest and the most beautiful bridge I’ve ever seen in my life. Don’t worry I’m attaching some photos here, so you could grab a view 🙂

20170612_180514 (1)




Alright, it’s almost to the end of the day now. One of the boys bought wrist watches for his family members. We crossed the bridge twice and I was very exhausted by the end of the day. Oh, by the way, I forgot to mention that we ate swiss hot dogs and it made my day 😀

That concludes our 3rd day in this beautiful country. We roamed a bit more and went to the apartment. Even though none of our plans worked out on that day, we did not regret it because we saw a lot of beautiful sceneries.

So, that’s it for today! 🙂 See you soon from another very detailed and exciting blog post! 🙂


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