Our tour to Switzerland and Italy – Part 3

So I decided to write another blog post about our lovely short tour to Switzerland and Italy after a looooooooong time! The memories have begun to fade, so I decided to take immediate action 🙂 As a result, here comes the 3rd post in this series. If you missed the first two, feel free to read them here.

11th of June 2017…

It was the second day of our stay in Switzerland. After just one marvellous day, Swiss was really growing on us. We got up early in the morning and decided to visit the Zürich Zoo. We also had the Welcome Reception of the ICCS 2017 in the evening of the 11th. So we planned our day to visit the Zoo in the morning half, take lunch and head to the ETH for the reception.

We went to the station and boarded S09 if I remember correctly (pardon me if the information is incorrect). The on-the-way trip was astonishing. The scenery was fascinating. we saw green everywhere. Once we arrived at the zoo, we had to buy tickets. And guess what, they had a discount for people under 25 years of age. Three of us qualified for this while the other older guy had to buy the full ticket 😉 We got a map of the zoo as well.

Well, the animals there were not that much different from what we can see in a local zoo. However, there were some animals I saw at Zürich zoo for the first time in my life. Camels and a bear as an example. Look at the photos I have attached below.

We took photos, actually a lot of photos, and we ate a delicious milky ice cream and then left the zoo in the afternoon and we had a lot of time until the reception. So we decided to go on another boat ride (I think the boys had something to do with boats 😛 ). This time we used a tram to reach our destination and yes that was my first ride in a tram 😀

Another reason we decided to take this ride was our SBB travel pass allowed us to buy the 100+ CHF ticket to just 5 CHF! So we bought the ticket and boarded the boat (it was bigger than a boat) and started our tour. This one was also amaaaaaaaaaaaazing! The water was crystal clear and I could almost see the bottom of the river!  I have attached some photos I took.





It took about one and half hours for the ride, giving us enough time to reach the Campus for the reception. Again we took a tram to reach the campus. We had to ask from a couple of people about the location we had to get off. Luckily all the people were very nice and friendly. Finally, we arrived at the Campus and we went to the reception. The reception was to get to know the researchers who had come from all around the world for the conference. It was a one-hour thing. We met one researcher from the USA and he was surprised to hear that we were still undergraduates having a paper published in such an A-grade conference. He asked a lot about our country as well.

Here is a view from the top of the building at ETH. Enjoy the view! 🙂


After the reception, we roamed here and there in the city and took the maximum advantage from the late sunset. It was still very day-like when we finally reached the apartment after a successful day. Once we went to the apartment we prepared the dinner and had it. Then we planned the next day and finished spending 11th of June, one of the most unforgettable days in my life!

That’s it for today! I sincerely hope you enjoyed this post and that you get a yearning to visit this beautiful country 🙂 Stay tuned for the next post which I’m hoping to publish soon.


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