Our tour to Switzerland and Italy – Part 2

Hi all, I am back with a new post in this series to share the experience I had in Switzerland and Italy. From my previous blog posts, I shared how we got the opportunity and how we planned the trip. Today I’m going to share the experience I had on the very first day.

10th of June 2017…

As soon as we landed in Switzerland, we claimed our luggage and went to the Zürich Duty-Free! 😀 There were all sorts of chocolates and the other three boys were surfing here and there to buy many chocolates while I was wondering what to buy. However, at the end of two long hours at Zürich Duty-Free, we bought some chocolate and roamed within the airport to buy a SIM card. Because we had a couple of hours until the check-in time to the apartment, we went to buy a Swiss Travel Pass. It was a nightmare for me to drag my luggage here and there to do all these stuff. We bought the Travel Pass for four days from the SBB office where there was a nice lady who explained the whole process behind it.

Then we took the metro to go to our apartment. At first, we were not sure of which train to take and where to take off and many more things. The SBB mobile app was our saviour. It made our trip very easy and saved our time. So we boarded the train S9 to go to Schwerzenbach where our apartment was located. On our way, we were able to see the beauty of Switzerland. The trains were very clean and they were on time. The weather was fine though we expected a cool and dry weather.


We got off from Schwerzenbach and after roaming for about 5-10 minutes we found our way to the apartment. Check-in time was 11 AM. Lea was our host for 5 days. We totally recommend the apartment for all 🙂 It was located in a very beautiful environment and Lea welcomed us warmly. We kept our bags in the rooms (which was a big relief for me) and got familiar with the place. There were two cats, Pava and Marley as our companions. The boys shared a room and I got my own with a magnificent view from the window 😀

After settling in and because we had most of the day for us, we decided to visit the Rhine Falls which was 43.6km from Schwerzenbach. It took about an hour to reach there. The waterfall was totally different from those that in Sri Lanka.

WhatsApp Image 2017-07-04 at 1.50.22 PM

It looked very dangerous and there was a huge amount of water flowing. The scene was amazing and there was a boat service to ride the river. There were different categories and you can see one such boat in the above photo. When we were looking at Rhine Falls, one such boat came to the deck after finishing its journey. That’s when the boys decided that we should also go on a boat ride 😛 So we bought a ticket of €8 each and waited for the boat.

The boat ride was amaaaaaaaazing! Even though at first I refused to take the risk of riding a boat in a completely strange environment with a fierce waterfall by the side, I’m thankful that I experienced it at the end.

Then we decided to go to the apartment since there was no enough time to roam around. One environmental change we experienced was the sunset. Sunset in Switzerland was at about 9.30 PM during our stay. It took some time for us to get adjusted to it. This is how we spent the first day of our trip in a strange yet beautiful country. Read more about our trip from my next blog posts!


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